The Lodge - Our History

Although sections of the existing building are known to date back to the 18th century - we have been unable to trace any records or photographs of the structure of that time. The only existing drawing is a floor plan (no date shown) - the dimensions still in feet & inches dated 1946.

The alterations and additions depicted on these drawings must have been the last of any major significance as there is very little difference in the floor layout as designed then - compared to what exists to-day (2016).

This photo of the old Ford was taken in front of the Lodge in 1932. The then owners Mr & Mrs Mendal are on the veranda with two associates - Eddie Hart, a traveller for the Company J.W. Jagger - and Mr Lulu Chait, the then owner of the Victoria Hotel in Bredasdorp. Lulu is said to have played rugby for the Town and eventually became a referee. A 1930 photo of the NRFC (Napier Rugby Football Club) - the Town's first rugby team who won the South Western Districts (SWD) trophy - does not list his name. He could therefor by then already have reached the refereeing age.

The little boy in the front is Gerald Wolman, the son of the then owner - who supplied the above information. Mr. Wolman eventually established him as a businessman in Cape Town. However - what the 1932 picture clearly shows - is that at the time the front veranda was still a single story with a corrugated iron roof. So the assumption must be that the major change came AFTER Morris Mendal bought the Hotel in 1946.

Unfortunately no other factual history is known. The Local Grapevine tells of an original blacksmith shop, hardware store and a "plaas winkel". More recently - because of a series of unhappy circumstances - the Hotel became totally inoperative as a business and the beautiful fixtures, fittings, furniture and linen were all sold/stolen/vandalized and the entire building left uninhabited. The place became an absolute shambles.

Plumbing & Electrical was non-existent. The Municipality, eventually cut off all basic services and their building eventually became an aesthetically ugly disgrace to the village of Napier.

The status quo (February 2013)

In 2012, Noel Prinsloo, a retired business man from Cape Town purchased the remaining shell of brick and water and completely re-newed the essentials – Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing, gutters and downpipes.

Because the site is a heritage site, improvements to the aesthetics of the “not too pretty” outer appearance was not allowed by the Heritage Committee

The status quo is not a 5 *Star Boutique Hotel, but rather a small 5 room country lodge that offers guests a clean, cozy, warm and comfortable stay in a beautiful and peaceful country village.